At Night Sky Technologies our number one goal is to empower clients with the best internet technologies to generate leads, maximize growth, and help secure longterm financial success. While our goals are aggressive by nature we make sure not to overlook all the little things along the way.

Not only do we specialize in custom web development for small to medium sized businesses, but we’d also be more than happy to tackle even the smallest of jobs making sure everyone has the web presence they’ve always wanted. We are based in New Jersey but can easily collaborate and tackle projects from almost anywhere.

In addition to website design and development we also specialize in many other internet technologies such as search engine optimization (SEO), subscription ranking services, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management and general webmaster services.


New Website Design

Website Design

Are you looking for a great new website or a redesign of an existing one?

We take you every step of the way to make sure you have not only a website, but a complete solution. Before we even start coding we need a plan. We need to determine exactly how your business can best benefit from a web presence. Only after our goals come into focus we can start. But we still aren’t ready for coding. There is keyword research, competition analysis, and properly written SEO friendly content. There are no shortcuts to doing it well.

Existing Website Updates

Website Updates

Who’s updating your current site?

Remember, it’s important to maintain your website and keep it fresh and current. Customers will keep coming back and the search engines will stay happy. There are many things that require attention and it’s important that someone stays on top of it. Are your links still working properly? Would you like to update your contact information? Have you decided to start a newsletter? Do you have more products to add to your store? Do you have a great article you’d like to publish?   We can help.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Organic SEO

Who’s making sure your site is optimized and SEO friendly?

If you want potential customers to find your products and services online then good SEO practices are of the utmost importance. Let’s face it – Google isn’t giving out #1 rankings to all that ask. The fact is that you must work for it. And not only work hard, but work smart. This is where experience and due diligence really pays off.  There is plenty of research that needs to be completed before you even consider going live.

SEO Subscription Ranking Services

SEO Ranking Services

Who’s guarding and improving your SEO rankings?

So you finally got your new site up and running. You’ve been ranked by the major search engines and site traffic is picking up. Everything’s gravy. ..or is it?

It’s easy to become complacent and fall into a common trap. Remember, Google didn’t just hand you an unused ranking — there’s plenty of competition in almost every category fighting and backstabbing for position.

Who’s going to monitor your rankings each month? Who’s going to keep an eye on your competition? Who’s going to make sure you stay at the top of your game?   We can.  

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns (PPC)

PPC Pay Per Click Campaign Management

PPC advertising if used properly can be a very beneficial source of traffic and revenue. It will never replace your organic (free) search results, but it really isn’t intended to. With PPC advertising you can pinpoint the exact market demographics and target audience you are looking for. Organic search results in comparison are much less precise.

However keep in mind that if your campaign is not executed properly you will most likely be pouring money into a bottomless pit with absolutely no return on your investment. When every click counts it pays to have experience on your side.

General Webmaster Services

General Webmaster Services

Is the day to day maintenance of your current site becoming a time sink?

Who’s making sure all the links on your site are current and functional?
Who’s looking at your site reports and analytics each month?
Who’s in charge of your email accounts and spam filters?
Who’s keeping all your site software up to date?
Are you sure your security measures are compliant and up to date?

Who’s making sure you have reliable archives and backups if disaster presents itself?